Monday, 12 February 2007

More on Email deliverability..

I attended a fascinating "round-table*" last week run by Andrew Robinson and Kieren Cooper of Lyris UK/Facultas

Also in attendance was Mindy Wallen a US based email deliverability consultant/guru who knows probably more about Email deliverability than everyone in the UK put together

Email deliverability is one of those poorly understood areas of online marketing and Email delivery experts are seen more of the "Doctor that you see when you get sick..." rather than the Doctor you should see so that you don't get sick.

The landscape has indeed changed in that reputation is king and is responsible for determining the vast majority of your "deliverability-ness".
This makes perfect sense.
The act of a spammer is to spam from new or ever changing IP's and domains... or to spam from IP's in dodgy countries.

If we know where you are and who you are - we can block you.
If we dont know who you are and where you are - we will block you.



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