Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Corporate Email deliverability - an often overlooked concept

Lets take email deliverability to a more complex and even more poorly understood level.

But equally or perhaps more important level.

That of "B2B deliverability".. or perhaps more appropriately "C2B deliverability".

All delivery discussion and online literature still seems to focus on the big ISP's. ie. Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail et al

Lets assume you are a consumer brand that retails or markets to the average Jo(anne).
We often forget that a large majority of purchases are taking place during business hours and a huge percentage of these are made at work by office-bound desk-drivers.

It is also (absurd) corporate policy for several bizarre companies to block staff access to online email providers. Therefore no Hotmail access forces office workers to use corporate email to receive Marketing literature during office hours.

Chances are that a lot of an online retailer's best customers have subscribed using corporate email addresses.

What do you do then, when the Network Nazi's at "Big Corporate enterprise" decide to block your domain/IP or Email type on the basis of bizarre corporate rules?

It is one thing to have an SPF entry, reverse DNS, correctly configured email server... it is another thing when corporate rules restrict your ability to do business and market to desk-bound office types.

C2B deliverability is a poorly understood and underestimated area of Email marketing and a very high "risk" area.

The fundamental question is - what can we do about it?

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