Thursday, 8 February 2007

Accounting 101 - Google style

In the continuiing vein of Google bashing, for which their seems to be an increasing trend of late...
very funny post over at e-consultancy...

This has led to confusion within companies - and at worst, caused Google AdWords users to think their campaigns are more profitable than they are, and thus pump more money into Google while decreasing their own business' profitability

Ah - so that explains where all my the money went boss!

Well yes this is absolutely true. I cant help think though that blaming Google for peoples inability to understand things like margins, profits, sales and revenues... is a little excessive.

Its a bit like putting a warning-label on an Automatic rifle.

My guess is that if you need to be reading and learning from this stuff then perhaps you should be steering clear of trying to make money on the interweb.

Call me cynical.

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