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Why Relying on Free Google Traffic is a Road to Oblivion

Road to Oblivion

Image: Joybot via flickr

Along with running my own business ventures I still do some consulting work, primarily with ecommerce site owners.

Doing this gives me access to situations that I normally wouldn’t encounter and recently I’ve been working with a business that is really struggling.

The business in question has been running for around 8 years and had been relatively successful in that time, especially over its early years.

Recently though they have taken a battering from Google in the rankings and have lost over 70% of their Google search traffic.

Its crunch time for the business and the actions and results of the next few weeks will determine whether it has a future and if its employees still have a job.« Read More »

The Key To A Successful Online Store

I often get asked ‘what is the number one tip to being successful with ecommerce?’ the truth is there is no one single key to winning at online retailing, there’s a mix of many different elements which are all important. If I had to be pressed for an answer though I think I’d go with […]

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Ignore Everyone & Launch That New Venture

If you’re reading this article then you are probably interested in business to some extent or another, why else would you be here? You’ve probably had that initial spark of an idea and are looking for confirmation that you’re not crazy and that this thing could have legs, there is a fair bit to consider […]

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Are Your Policies Leaving You At Risk Of A Reputation Disaster?

When running any business (online or not) you have to make hundreds of decisions on how you are going to deal with different situations, most of these decisions become your operating policies. For example how will you deal with refunds, returns or lost orders? Settling on a policy is pretty straightforward but I urge you […]

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Merchant Accounts & Payment Gateways

I was talking with my friend Nicola recently who is a mobile hairdresser, we were discussing businesses and the conversation turned to websites and ecommerce stores. At the minute Nicola doesn’t have a website but is considering getting one so that she can display information about herself, show contact details and upload pictures of styles […]

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Ecommerce Update – September 2012

You know that feeling you get when you look at something and think ‘I really should do something about that’, but keep putting it off? Well, truth be told, this is how it has been with the ecommerceblog.co.uk for the past couple of months… I know, I know, I shouldn’t be running a blog if […]

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Don’t Limit Your Chances Before You Even Start, Choose The Right Platform For Your Site

I’ve worked with a few different companies over the years and have had the ‘pleasure’ of using a variety of different web platforms for their CMS (content management systems) and ecommerce offerings. It still amazes me how far behind the pace some of these platforms are in terms of usability and SEO (search engine optimisation). […]

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Increase Your Organic Traffic by 22%, Start Blogging!

How would you like to increase the amount of organic visitors to your website by 22% without spend any money at all? Sounds good eh? Well it’s pretty easy to do, simply start a blog on your ecommerce website, post a few articles, and put your feet up. The Reason for My Blogging One of […]

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Headaches, Stress & Competition

It’s been a busy few weeks in my world of eCommerce and focus has been dragged from this blog on to more pressing matters I’m afraid, hence the lack of updates. Sorry… What follows is a ridiculously long winded account of my recent troubles. 2012: Progress So Far After a great start to 2012 in […]

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