SEO – In More Depth

We have already established what SEO is and why it is very worthwhile for pretty much any type of website. Let’s now drill a little further down into some of the main areas of SEO and begin looking at how we can relate this to our eCommerce websites.

I like to split SEO into 2 main parts, onsite and offsite.

Onsite SEO covers all the techniques which we can use on a website to attempt to present the content to the search engines in the best possible light. Specific items we would want to look at include:

  • Page Titles
  • Site layout & architecture
  • Content accessibility
  • Keyword usage

Offsite SEO is the other half (some say more important part) of the equation and it covers the efforts we must make towards our SEO work which doesn’t involve making direct website changes. Basically this comes down to links.

Links from other websites to your own are deemed by many (and me) to be the single most important factor that will affect your rankings.

‘Why are links so important to rankings?’ well, if you think about it links are a difficult thing to manipulate.

It’s hard to get links, if you run a website what would make you link to another site? You wouldn’t really do it unless you thought the site you where linking to had good content and that your visitors would be interested in looking at it.

If you ran Google and came across a website with thousands of links from other reputable websites then you’d probably think the site was worth looking at, and if so many people had created links to it then it’s a strong indicator that the website has good information.

Next we can look at onsite factors in more detail, and also get the lowdown on link building best practices.

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