My Ecommerce History

Obviously if I’m writing and publishing articles on an ecommerce blog then I guess it would help if I knew something about ecommerce really…

My first encounter with ecommerce came in 2005 although I had been developing websites in other fields for a few years before that.

It was through my local SEO consultancy business that I worked on my first ecommerce websites. Looking back bathroom furniture and kid’s furniture were two projects that really stand out but there were definitely more.

The local company who sold bathroom furniture were a client of mine for a couple of years and I think this is where I got the ecommerce bug from. It’s not because they were really good at it or were making loads of money, it was more that I loved the fact that you could list products online and people would actually buy them, for me that’s an amazing thing.

I knew for a while that I wanted to get into ecommerce myself however it wasn’t until 2008 that I launched my site I’ll get into the details of how and why I chose to launch in that specific area in future posts, but I will just say that it took me quite some time to decide on exactly what I wanted to sell online!

Launching the business from scratch with no real money to put into it taught me a lot of things and if I’m honest I know there is still a lot for me to learn in this field.

I still do some SEO consulting and I have run the online advertising campaigns, including SEO, Google AdWords and full Analytics reporting for a major UK ecommerce website since 2007.

I am bound by a non-disclosure agreement so I can’t divulge their name but I can say that being involved with a site of their size lets me see a whole different side to online commerce, some issues are the same for big and small sites, some are not.

Alongside all this I have friends who run ecommerce websites and I help out with businesses that whilst not being strictly ecommerce run everything online, I hope that this gives me a fairly decent chunk of experience to share with you.

As I said though, it’s still a learning process for me and I know the process of writing for this blog and interacting with a community of likeminded souls will only benefit me and maybe we will all end up better off for it! (That’s the dream anyway).

Why not introduce yourself in the comments, I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your businesses.


  1. I visit your blog as i have free time online. You help me a lot , thinks .I am from china.

  2. Hi I’m Owen and from Sydney Australia. I came across a comment you made on Yaro Starak’s blog about business models. I learnt blogging from Yaro. My blog is all about business ideas and opportunities for start-up’s. In time, I aim to grow this into a large database, have ads, interview people who started from nothing, have podcasts, some affiliate sales. I love rags to riches stories.
    I love your blog. It catches the eye.
    My aim in joing your blog is because I love e-commerce. I have a second site
    Thats all from me now

  3. Hi Owen,
    Thanks for visiting, I hope you learn something here that will help you in your new business venture!

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