Ignore Everyone & Launch That New Venture

Struggle = Success

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If you’re reading this article then you are probably interested in business to some extent or another, why else would you be here?

You’ve probably had that initial spark of an idea and are looking for confirmation that you’re not crazy and that this thing could have legs, there is a fair bit to consider so you are doing the right thing.

I have a question for you though, have you told anyone about it yet?

If the answer is yes then you will have likely had reactions like: ‘That’s a bit of a risk isn’t it?’, ‘How is that going to work?’, ‘How much will that cost?’, or ‘Yes dear, that sounds lovely’ in the most patronising voice possible!

If you haven’t told anybody about your master plan then my guess is that you’re probably scared of getting comments like those.

Don’t worry though, there is a way of countering those types of questions with one fantastic answer…

Why People Are Like That

In my experience the reason why people respond like that when you talk about starting a business or new venture is for one of two reasons.

Worry or jealousy.

People who care about you also worry about you. They worry that you’re going to be disappointed if it fails, they worry about you losing all your money, they might even worry that it will be successful and take up all you time.

For people who really care I think worry is the biggest factor.

There is also something called jealousy at play for some people.

Let’s face it, any right minded person would say that they want to improve their situation, whether it’s earning more money, being more flexible with their time, or becoming their own boss.

Most people would say it but the majority don’t actually do anything about it.

Maybe it’s the culture in the UK, but we seem as a nation to like to criticise successful people, it seems the norm to try and pull somebody down rather than to be happy for them, or try and achieve something yourself, want proof? Just read any tabloid article on Cheryl Cole, X Factor, or the England football team.

You may not like Ms Cole but you can’t deny she is successful, likewise all X Factor contestants might be just fame hungry nobodies in your eyes but at least they got off the couch and tried something.

Whilst you are not a famous celebrity, in your little microcosm people will apply the same type of thinking to your efforts as they do to others who have already made a success of their lives, in one form or another.

Whilst this can be disappointing or even hurtful at times, I think that understanding the reasons for this kind of reaction can help you move forward and give you the mental toughness to carry on.

Do It Anyway

So, you’ve spoken about your great idea, heard some negative reaction, been told all the reasons why it won’t work, what next?

Obviously the only sensible thing to do is…


Hard work & Good Judgement Should Win Them Over

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advising you to blindly jump into business and risk everything you’ve got, that would be daft.

But, if you have researched your idea, looked at the competition, worked out realistic costs for all the required elements, and it still stacks up well then you should get started, immediately.

The longer you put it off the harder it will be to get started. All the negative sides of the new venture will play on your mind and become an overwhelming voice in your head. The way to stop this from happening is just to get started, then you will be too busy with ‘your business’ to worry about the downsides.

Make a plan and start implementing it today, try and make progress every single day whether it’s big or small, just make sure things are progressing.

In 6 months you will have something meaningful from it or you will have a ton of experience in what doesn’t work, either way you will be in a far better position than the naysayers who spent the last 6 months reading The Sun.

Having a successful business will win over many people who were originally sceptical about your venture, they will see that you are happier because you tried something risky and it worked, and hopefully you might also be on the road to being financially better off.

There will always be some people who can’t be happy for you, but in all honesty, do you really need these people in your life? If it’s family that are like this then all you have to do is simply accept that they are this way and move on, you’ve got far more important things to worry about, like running YOUR BUSINESS!

Are you still reading? Stop! Just go get started already.


  1. Hey great article, to be honest I tried and failed with a few “Great” ideas before I finally built a successful online store. Your “Do It Anyway” was exactly the mentality it took to shrug off all the nay sayers and just knuckle down and make it work.

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