How To Track Your Visitors Like A Pro

Google Analytics Link TaggingGoogle Analytics is a key tool in your arsenal when running and growing your ecommerce (or any online) business however this often little under used trick can make it even more useful.

Let’s say you’re using Twitter to promote your business and interact with customers, it follows that at times you will include a link back to your website.

People who click on the link will normally get recorded in Analytics as a referral from, it’s useful to be able to see these visitors separate from your other traffic sources which you can do easily by looking at your website referrers report.

Wouldn’t it be far more useful though if we could see exactly which Twitter messages and links they clicked on? With this trick you can.

The method we want to use is called link tagging and it’s really easy to use.

How to setup link tagging

When pointing a link back to your website simply add the following to the end of it:


You then just need to replace the sections I have capitalised with whatever references you want to show up in Google Analytics.

Let’s go back to our Twitter example, we could choose to fill in the link tag as follows:

  • SOURCEWEBSITE = twitter
  • TYPEOFLINK = referral
  • SPECIFICCAMPAIGN = msg3d280212

The source website is twitter, it is a referral from there, and it was message 3 sent on 28th Feb 2012.

If your website was called then the full link you would place on twitter would be:

If you were placing the link in an email instead and wanted to link to a specific page on your website you could use the following link instead:

How to find these visitors in Analytics

Okay, so you have setup your links, but how do you find the stats in Google Analytics?

This short video shows how to quickly locate the visitor stats:

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to set all this up. Once done it makes your marketing analysis far more effective and you can quickly build up a picture of exactly what type of messages people are responding to. Let me know how you get on with it.

(Also let me know what you thought of the video…)


  1. Thanks Darren, that’s excellent stuff. Two questions:

    1. Is there a quick/easy way of building these tagged links, because they are rather fiddly to construct. Maybe an online tool?

    2. The video was useful. Is there going to be a Part 2 about how to track conversions and goals by using these tagged links?

  2. Thanks Gordon.

    Yes, Google do have a tool to build these url’s, you can find it here: – I find it easier and quicker to build them manually but the tool works great as well.

    I am definitely looking to expand on the video resources I produce here and your suggestion seems like a good idea!

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