Getting Your First Sale

Are you planning your first ecommerce site? Maybe you’re bogged down in the day to day process of running your site and need a lift? Here’s a little post to give you some inspiration or a fond smile of remembrance…

It was winter 2008 and I was sat in front of my computer tinkering with my website for the hundredth time that week, loading products, rewriting descriptions, really important stuff.

Suddenly the phone rang, probably just the wife asking what we are doing for tea, how wrong I was.

A lady was on the other end of the line enquiring about some of our products, turns out she had found our website through Google, and was interested in one of our monitor arrays.

To be honest I can’t remember if this was the first sales enquiry I had taken or not, it seems like such a long time ago now.

Anyhow, after having a chat with her for a few minutes she said ‘Okay, I’d like to order one of those please.’

The sheer joy I felt was immense, I really didn’t know what to say to her, I couldn’t tell her she was my first ever sale, it might have changed her mind!

Anyway I stumbled through taking the order details and completed my first ever sale, woo hoo! A 19” Dual Monitor Array and a USB to VGA adapter for a grand total of £545.00.

It didn’t matter that I had not put any real thought into how I was going to get the thing packaged up and delivered, those were just small details to iron out…

If you’re contemplating starting an ecommerce website then take heart, it’s a long slog at times but with perseverance you get through it to times like that, and trust me, it’s well worth it.

If you currently have your nose to the grindstone wondering why on earth you bothered inflicting all this hassle on yourself then think back to your first sale. It was a pretty good day wasn’t it?

Why not share your memories in the comments.


  1. My first sale to a UK user was on eCrater platform

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