Customers Don’t Always Know Best

I had this guy who wanted to buy a computer from us however he wanted it customised, which is totally fine, we do this all the time.

He gave me a computer spec detailing a full set of parts that he claimed was quoted to him at slightly over £2,000 and asked us to prepare a similar quote.

Within 30 seconds of looking at the quote I could tell that something wasn’t quite right, it was for a top end PC and the graphics cards alone would have cost over £900 at trade prices, after a little searching I found the site where he had got the quote from, I could tell by the wording and combination of parts etc… When I repeated the quote it came in at almost double what he claimed!

Good try, but I’m not as stupid as I may look.

Anyhow, I prepared him a quote based off his originally supplied spec, I then relooked at what he needed the computer for and prepared a 2nd quote offering him recommendations on alternative parts.

I told him that his first quote ‘seemed very low’ and made it clear we would not be able to get anywhere near it.

He came back and said he liked our recommendations, but suggested that perhaps the competitors got their parts from the US where he knows they cost 40% – 50% less than in the UK! (I bloody wish!)

Anyway after telling him this was not the case and leaving him with our quote he came back after a week and said he wanted to use us as he felt he could talk to us better than our competitors, hmmm…

He then wanted to know the exact make, model and version number of every single bit of hardware we would be using, ‘okay’ I thought, ‘he’s spend a lot of money so fair enough’.

After we supplied this info, he then proceeded to query every part, and I mean every part. He emailed up to 15 times a day asking ‘if this cooling fan was better than that one?’, ‘why aren’t we using this type of memory?’, etc…

I could tell by some of his questions that he didn’t really have a good grasp of PC building as he was suggesting some seriously strange parts for no good reason at all.

After 2 – 3 days of this I was getting pretty fed up of it all, he then started telling me that the memory and motherboard I had suggested where incompatible, when I politely informed him that we had used them countless times before he claimed he had spoken to Intel directly (!) and they told him that it was impossible to use 12GB RAM with a Core i7 motherboard.

Now that statement to anybody who has built Core i7 PC systems is laughable really, at his point I politely told him that unfortunately we wouldn’t be happy to proceed with an order for him.

Nobody should have to deal with customers like him.

For a further 2 days he continued sending me links to forums and blog posts where people where having difficulty setting up RAM with i7 systems, obviously I didn’t respond as they probably wouldn’t have been nice!

2 weeks later, completely out of the blue, he called to tell me that he had ordered and received a system from a competitor, and that they had managed (magically it seems!) to get him a Core i7 system with the 12GB of RAM.

I thought he was ringing to apologise at first but he actually wanted to ‘help me out’ by letting me know ‘which parts worked on his system’, cheeky *******

If this wasn’t bad enough he then asked if I could run through a few things with him so he could set it up how exactly how he wanted it!!!!

You can most probably guess at my answer to that one…

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