Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

If you’re looking for a new source of customers for your ecommerce website then consider this… How would an influx of targeted visitors which you only pay for if they actually buy something? Sound interesting? I’m talking about affiliate marketing, and for the right types of business it can be a great additional traffic stream. […]

How To Track Your Visitors Like A Pro

Google Analytics is a key tool in your arsenal when running and growing your ecommerce (or any online) business however this often little under used trick can make it even more useful. Let’s say you’re using Twitter to promote your business and interact with customers, it follows that at times you will include a link […]

How Refusing To Make The Tough Decisions Ruined This Business

One of my first ever consulting jobs was on an ecommerce website that specialised in selling children’s furniture. It was run by a husband and wife team from their home and most of the furniture was shipped straight from manufacturers directly to customers. This was quite a few years ago, probably around 2005, so ecommerce […]

Premium Domain Names: Why You Should Consider Buying One

With the available pool of unregistered domain names getting ever smaller a lot of new businesses end up going with longer names or decide to use one of the newer domain name extensions. I’ve already covered why you should stick with the most commonplace extensions, and having a long domain name has its own set […]

Are You Forcing Customers To Register Before Purchasing? Don’t!

One question that gets asked regularly is should you make customers register for an account on your website before making a purchase? There have been lots of studies and testing into this and the outcomes are pretty conclusive, yet so many sites still get it wrong! The short answer is that in most cases you […]

What Is Google AdWords

Despite the fact that Google has been running its AdWords program for over 10 years now, some people still struggle to understand exactly what it is and how it works. Read on for an overview of Google AdWords and how it plays a massive part in the online advertising world. History of AdWords Google started […]

Blog Updates Feb 2012

Things have been a little quiet on the eCommerce blog for the last week or so and for that I apologise. I have made some progress with the blog though, firstly we have a new design which I feel is far superior to the old look. Along with the design we have been able to […]

The Secret Of A Good eCommerce Experience…

Is making your customers experience as painless as possible. Sounds easy? It should be, yet so many sites get it so wrong. I’m going to pick on a company called Scan, they sell computer hardware and related items and we occasionally buy components off them for our business. Over the past two days I’ve had […]

Should You Start An eCommerce Website?

To be honest, most people who I talk to have already started an ecommerce website or have decided that they want to already, still, it’s worth taking a while to consider whether ecommerce is for you. Starting Up A New Site Let’s clear this up straight away, launching an ecommerce website is a big undertaking […]

How To Generate Extra Sales From Your Existing Customers

Here is why you should be offering products related to your core range and how I stumbled across this to my benefit! In any business it’s important to make sure the product or service you are offering is what your target customer base is looking for, ecommerce is no different to this. First things first, […]