Don’t Limit Your Chances Before You Even Start, Choose The Right Platform For Your Site

I’ve worked with a few different companies over the years and have had the ‘pleasure’ of using a variety of different web platforms for their CMS (content management systems) and ecommerce offerings. It still amazes me how far behind the pace some of these platforms are in terms of usability and SEO (search engine optimisation). […]

Premium Domain Names: Why You Should Consider Buying One

With the available pool of unregistered domain names getting ever smaller a lot of new businesses end up going with longer names or decide to use one of the newer domain name extensions. I’ve already covered why you should stick with the most commonplace extensions, and having a long domain name has its own set […]

Are You Forcing Customers To Register Before Purchasing? Don’t!

One question that gets asked regularly is should you make customers register for an account on your website before making a purchase? There have been lots of studies and testing into this and the outcomes are pretty conclusive, yet so many sites still get it wrong! The short answer is that in most cases you […]

Domain Extensions: Why You Should Stick With What Works

If you’re new to ecommerce and websites you can read my guide to domain names and why you need one. Another question which seems to come up a lot when somebody is picking a domain name is which is the best extension to go for? Domain Extensions for SEO Technically it shouldn’t really make a […]

What is a domain name and why do you need one?

Domain names, along with hosting, are a key ingredient to any website whether it be an ecommerce one or not, find out exactly what they are and why they are important. Domain names, or domains for short are unique identifiers which all Internet users use to locate your content. They are tied to something called […]

Which hosting account should I use for my ecommerce website?

Over the many years that I’ve been involved with websites I have owned and used quite a few different hosting packages from a variety of suppliers. I think the first one I ever paid for was a shared account with Webfusion and I don’t remember having it for very long really, my memories of it […]

What different types of eCommerce hosting are available?

A basic requirement of running your own ecommerce website is having a host, but what exactly is a host and what are the differences between them? Essentially hosting is simply a combination of disk space (to store your files) and a server operating system (to run your site). Server Types There are two basic choices […]