Ignore Everyone & Launch That New Venture

If you’re reading this article then you are probably interested in business to some extent or another, why else would you be here? You’ve probably had that initial spark of an idea and are looking for confirmation that you’re not crazy and that this thing could have legs, there is a fair bit to consider […]

Are Your Policies Leaving You At Risk Of A Reputation Disaster?

When running any business (online or not) you have to make hundreds of decisions on how you are going to deal with different situations, most of these decisions become your operating policies. For example how will you deal with refunds, returns or lost orders? Settling on a policy is pretty straightforward but I urge you […]

Merchant Accounts & Payment Gateways

I was talking with my friend Nicola recently who is a mobile hairdresser, we were discussing businesses and the conversation turned to websites and ecommerce stores. At the minute Nicola doesn’t have a website but is considering getting one so that she can display information about herself, show contact details and upload pictures of styles […]

Premium Domain Names: Why You Should Consider Buying One

With the available pool of unregistered domain names getting ever smaller a lot of new businesses end up going with longer names or decide to use one of the newer domain name extensions. I’ve already covered why you should stick with the most commonplace extensions, and having a long domain name has its own set […]

Should You Start An eCommerce Website?

To be honest, most people who I talk to have already started an ecommerce website or have decided that they want to already, still, it’s worth taking a while to consider whether ecommerce is for you. Starting Up A New Site Let’s clear this up straight away, launching an ecommerce website is a big undertaking […]

How To Generate Extra Sales From Your Existing Customers

Here is why you should be offering products related to your core range and how I stumbled across this to my benefit! In any business it’s important to make sure the product or service you are offering is what your target customer base is looking for, ecommerce is no different to this. First things first, […]

5 Ways to Make Your New eCommerce Business Appear Bigger than It Is

If you’re launching your ecommerce site on a shoestring budget, like many of us have, then here is a list of 5 inexpensive tips to help make your site look and feel more professional in the eyes of customers. 1. Get a Decent Telephone Number Unless your business is targeting a specific geographic region then […]

My Ecommerce History

Obviously if I’m writing and publishing articles on an ecommerce blog then I guess it would help if I knew something about ecommerce really… My first encounter with ecommerce came in 2005 although I had been developing websites in other fields for a few years before that. It was through my local SEO consultancy business […]

Starting Up? Think about your products carefully…

NOTE: This post was originally published on a different blog of mine in 2007 which no longer exists, I have transfered it here as I feel the content is well suited to this new home. From time to time I visit an Internet forum for business owners and start-ups. One of the areas available for […]