Why Relying on Free Google Traffic is a Road to Oblivion

Along with running my own business ventures I still do some consulting work, primarily with ecommerce site owners. Doing this gives me access to situations that I normally wouldn’t encounter and recently I’ve been working with a business that is really struggling. The business in question has been running for around 8 years and had […]

Increase Your Organic Traffic by 22%, Start Blogging!

How would you like to increase the amount of organic visitors to your website by 22% without spend any money at all? Sounds good eh? Well it’s pretty easy to do, simply start a blog on your ecommerce website, post a few articles, and put your feet up. The Reason for My Blogging One of […]

5 Easy Link Building Tips for eCommerce Websites

Here are some link building techniques with my take on them and how you could apply them to your eCommerce website. 1. Directory Links There are many website directories which are basically pages of links to other websites categorised together, examples of some directories are: Yahoo Directory Best Of The Web DMOZ – Open Directory […]

Where to locate your blog?

If you run an eCommerce website, or any type of business website for that matter, and have decided that you want to run a blog alongside then where is the best place to locate it? You have 4 real options to choose from: Free blog hosting via WordPress.com, TypePad.com or some other free hosting platform […]

SEO – In More Depth

We have already established what SEO is and why it is very worthwhile for pretty much any type of website. Let’s now drill a little further down into some of the main areas of SEO and begin looking at how we can relate this to our eCommerce websites. I like to split SEO into 2 […]

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as I will now refer to it is a term which describes the various methods and techniques you can apply to a website in an attempt to get it ranked higher on the search engines. Search engines like Google are the first port of call for a massive percentage of […]