Ecommerce Update – September 2012

You know that feeling you get when you look at something and think ‘I really should do something about that’, but keep putting it off? Well, truth be told, this is how it has been with the for the past couple of months… I know, I know, I shouldn’t be running a blog if […]

Headaches, Stress & Competition

It’s been a busy few weeks in my world of eCommerce and focus has been dragged from this blog on to more pressing matters I’m afraid, hence the lack of updates. Sorry… What follows is a ridiculously long winded account of my recent troubles. 2012: Progress So Far After a great start to 2012 in […]

Blog Updates Feb 2012

Things have been a little quiet on the eCommerce blog for the last week or so and for that I apologise. I have made some progress with the blog though, firstly we have a new design which I feel is far superior to the old look. Along with the design we have been able to […]

Getting Your First Sale

Are you planning your first ecommerce site? Maybe you’re bogged down in the day to day process of running your site and need a lift? Here’s a little post to give you some inspiration or a fond smile of remembrance… It was winter 2008 and I was sat in front of my computer tinkering with […]

My Ecommerce History

Obviously if I’m writing and publishing articles on an ecommerce blog then I guess it would help if I knew something about ecommerce really… My first encounter with ecommerce came in 2005 although I had been developing websites in other fields for a few years before that. It was through my local SEO consultancy business […]

Customers Don’t Always Know Best

I had this guy who wanted to buy a computer from us however he wanted it customised, which is totally fine, we do this all the time. He gave me a computer spec detailing a full set of parts that he claimed was quoted to him at slightly over £2,000 and asked us to prepare […]