How To Track Your Visitors Like A Pro

Google Analytics is a key tool in your arsenal when running and growing your ecommerce (or any online) business however this often little under used trick can make it even more useful. Let’s say you’re using Twitter to promote your business and interact with customers, it follows that at times you will include a link […]

What Is Google AdWords

Despite the fact that Google has been running its AdWords program for over 10 years now, some people still struggle to understand exactly what it is and how it works. Read on for an overview of Google AdWords and how it plays a massive part in the online advertising world. History of AdWords Google started […]

How To Stop Google Analytics Recording Your Own Visits

If you have recently launched a new ecommerce site (or any website for that matter) you will no doubt see your own website visits heavily skewing the reported results from analytics. Time spent on the website updating products and checking out other functionality can all be recorded by analytics programs. Similarly if you have an […]