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Hello and welcome to the eCommerce Blog, my name is Darren Atkinson and this is my blog about all things eCommerce.

I’m aiming this blog at people interested in eCommerce whether it be starting up a new site or growing your current site. I will focus on many different aspects including Search Engine Optimisation, Google AdWords, eCommerce Tips & Tactics and Inspirational Articles.

To get a little more background on me see: My Ecommerce History

You will also find:

  • Interviews with eCommerce website owners telling their stories and giving advice.
  • Guides on topics ranging from SEO through to outsourcing.
  • Reviews of different products and services related to eCommerce.
  • An email newsletter service to keep you updated with the blog and giving you access to exclusive extra resources.

Hopefully you will find value in this blog and be able to apply some of the strategies to your online business.

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I really hope you enjoy your time here.


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